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Phoenix Arizona’s Leader of Practical Self Defense


BARRIER is one of the top self-defense training providers in the industry. We understand that when you feel threatened in a situation that may seem out of your control, you want to do everything that you can to make sure that you have the means to protect yourself. Our self-defense classes are carried out with your personal safety in mind, with teachers trained to the highest possible standard, so when you enroll in one of our classes you know you’re learning from the best. At BARRIER we take a personalized approach using natural and basic movements so that our classes can be taken by anyone of any gender, age, or fitness level. In our classes, you will learn real-life skills that will protect you against real-life attacks and threats. We make it our personal mission to give you the confidence you need to take your personal safety to that next level. With our variety of classes, when you choose BARRIER as your personal defense provider, you can be sure to get the level of safety you need to feel at ease in any situation.

Our Self Defense-Classes

We believe that personal safety is about decreasing the risk of being attacked in the first place while also helping to increase your overall odds of survival if something does happen. Self-defense is more than just martial arts. It’s about educating yourself on real life dangers and how to address those situations. We can help you to make sure that you are fully prepared while also empowering you to feel more confident in yourself and your abilities.

Why We Stand Apart

BARRIER has a range of self-defense classes that are designed to give you the knowledge, empowerment, and motor skills you need to effectively defend yourself in a threatening situation. Our robust training programs are presented in easy to understand modules, each designed to target a specific need. From beginner to advanced,  general safety to particular situations, you can choose the class that’s right for you and your concerns. These classes go beyond a particular martial art or group of techniques, including education on the mindset, awareness, and communication that is effective for a self-defense situation.

What Do I Need To Know About The Training?

Our training courses are fully designed to be informative, instinctual, and innovative, meaning that you can get the full experience without being put through years of training. We can help you to deal with problems that people across the world face on a daily basis, after all, reality demands practicality and what might work in the training room might not always be suitable for use in real life. Our solutions, however, can be used by anyone, at anytime, anywhere. In our training courses, you will learn reality based scenarios that are fully designed to replicate a real-life situation.

Corporate Training

2015 Violent crimes increased by 3.9%
There were an estimated 5 million violent crimes in 2015.
– U.S. Department of Justice (Criminal Victimization Report, 2015)

A lot of companies are now hosting self-defense classes because they feel as though it would benefit their employees. Already real estate agents, hospitals, courier services and home care givers are feeling safer.

Women's Self Defense

1 in 5 women are sexually assaulted while in college.
Rape is the most under-reported crime. 63% of sexual assaults are not reported to police. – The National Sexual Violence Resource

If you want to learn self-defense or if you want to improve your overall level of fitness while learning valuable life skills, then you have certainly come to the right place.

Kid's Self-Defense

3.2 Million students are bullied every year.
As a result, 160,000 children per day do not attend school for fear of being bullied. – U.S. Department of Justice

Your kids will enjoying learning from our kids courses, where we turn training into games! We make learning discipline and self-defense fun!

  • I loved the class. The instructors presented the material in a very clear and easy to learn way.

    Melissa DiazIT Manager
  • I hope that every woman makes the time in their busy schedule to take a class like this. I know that they too would feel more confident and strong in dealing with violence.

    Yolanda DevriesCPA
  • Tonight was an empowering experience for all of us. I can't thank you enough for sharing the life saving skills that you gave to each of us. You made tonight, not only educational, but FUN. Keep up the good work!

    Gerard ThompsonNelson Brothers
  • I learned more about self-defense in just 2 hours than I did during my first 3 months of karate classes

    William S. GibsonCEO

Simple – Effective – Realistic

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