BARRIER Boot Camp 

Situational Awareness, Verbal Skills & *10 Core Hands-On Techniques

Simple – Effective – Realistic.

  • Identify and avoid potential threats during everyday routines
    • Psychology of a Predator
      • Known Predator
      • Unknown Predator
      • Abduction Phases
      • Triangle of Violence
      • False Surrender
      • Managing the Approach
  • Defend against, subdue and incapacitate an attacker with use of non-aggressive BARRIER techniques
    • Break Falls| Blocks | Throws | Chokes | Wrist Grabs
    • Hair Grabs | Wrist Locks| Frontal & Back Hugs

*Workshop is 2.5 Hours

*Athletic attire is required.  *No jeans allowed.

Program Fee: 50$ Setup + 50$ Per. Person

It's NEVER the Victim's Fault, by Gracie Academy

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