Today, there are many threats that we face; racial, religious, sexist persecution, road rage, and so much more.

We understand that you don’t always have time to learn something that isn’t always effective and you don’t have the money to waste either. After all, if you ask someone who has seen a real-life violent confrontation, they will tell you that it didn’t look or feel anything like the karate or taekwondo you’d learn in a class.

We will start by changing the perception of what self-defense actually is. The word “defense” indicates a situation where you may be required to perform physical actions in order to counteract an attack. We on the other hand will teach you that defense isn’t just about countering the attack; it is about being aware of the environment and knowing whether you should take an offensive stance or the opportunity to escape. We will go through the psychology of attack with you, helping you to understand dialogue, body language and tone so you can predict the situation before it actually happens. For this reason, we prefer to use the term “self protection” instead of “self defense” because we feel as though it has a lot more to offer. Self-protection begins way before encountering a threat, it begins with BARRIER Boot Camp!

A lot of people are surprised when they find out that our training doesn’t actually focus on fancy moves that are stringed together. Instead our training is designed to enhance your problem solving skills, helping your mind and body to manipulate the situation so it is in your favor while also helping you to adapt, improvise and execute the required action.


All traditional martial art academies advertise self-defense, but more than often those techniques and philosophies will usually land you in a far worse position. We are no longer in the age of disarming samurai from horses.  97% of martial art styles have been designed from a perspective of a male soldier and are outdated. The problem with those martial “arts” is that the techniques don’t account for the size and strength differences between the attacker and victim. Quite often the “McDojos” teaching these types of techniques, don’t address the type of attacks that women are quite often exposed to.

The bottom line is this; a man would attack another man much differently when compared to how he would attack a woman. By understanding the psychology of different types of predators, you can then begin to understand our approach to your overall safety.


Violent Ride-Sharing Assault (Plus 3 Chokes EVERY Woman Should Know!), by Gracie Academy


College Prep.

Are you ready to let daughter into world? Weather she lives close by or backpacking around the globe, she deserves to have tools against predators.

BARRIER Boot camp is the ideal workshop if you are a young lady who is entering college.

Sexual assaults are most likely to occur and this is during the start of the year and through the first semester. Females are especially vulnerable during this time because of the following reasons:

  1. You Feel Unfamiliar with the Campus and People
  2. You are Curious to Test Your Own Level of Independence without Parental Restraints
  3. You Drink Because You Don’t Want To Feel Insecure
  4. You Are Trying To Establish New Friendships
  5. You Experience More Peer Pressure

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